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Gel Proteomics


Dr. Lauren E. Ball





As part of the ongoing development of the MUSC Proteomics Center, the MUSC Gel Proteomics Facility has been established to provide collaboration and analytical services to investigators who wish to apply proteomic analysis in their research. The new facility is directed by Dr. John E. Baatz, who has extensive experience with electrophoretic methods and protein sample preparation. This facility will operate in conjunction with the MUSC Mass Spectrometry Facility, which provides in-gel digestion and protein identification services. Access to PDQuest and Phoretics 2D gel analysis software is available via the MUSC Bioinformatics servers. Together these facilities provide the full range of capabilities needed for proteomic analysis. 

The MUSC Gel Proteomics Facility is capable of performing 1 and 2 dimensional electrophoresis in small and large (analytical) formats and is able to focus on wide or narrow pI ranges using immobilized pH gradient(IPG)strips. Other services include technical support to assist investigators in experimental design, optimization of buffer systems for isoelectric focusing, specialized staining methods, including MS-compatible stains, DIGE (dual fluorescence labeling for differential expression analysis), and CCD imaging (UV/Vis, fluorescence and chemiluminescence). Plans for future additions to this facility are automated spot picking and 2D HPLC.


Fees for the specific services are provided on the web site as well as a submittable order form. This facility is available to all investigators on the MUSC campus as well as other public and private research institutions.