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Proteomics Center


Dr. Richard Drake

Contact Information:


MUSC - Children's Research Institute, Room 305



The aim of the Proteomics Shared Resource is to provide expertise, facilities, and services to facilitate application of proteomic analysis approaches to cancer research. This core utilizes the Mass Spectrometry Facility and the Gel Proteomics Facility of the MUSC Proteomics Center.

Services: The Proteomics Shared Resource offers gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry services including identification of proteins separated by gel electrophoresis. Protein identification services include in-gel or in-solution protease digestion, tandem mass spectrometry analysis of the resulting fragment peptides, and data interpretation using Sequest® or Mascot® software.

The Core unit can also develop and customize specialized proteomic methods (e.g., phosphoproteome analysis) in support of cancer research. Implementation of these specialized approaches can be done following discussion with the facility manager and Directors.


Available to MUSC & other SC university investigators.