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Clemson University Genomics Institute


Dr. Chris Saski

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Clemson University
51 New Cherry St. BRC #310
Clemson, SC 29634



CUGI maintains a leading edge in the genomics and bioinformatics revolution and offers the development and distribution of high quality genomic and bioinformatics tools and services for the life science community. CUGI provides expertise in areas that focus on DNA sequencing, cytometry, genotyping, miRNA analysis, library construction, bioinformatics, gene expression profiling, the discovery and functional analysis of important genes, networks, and genomic regions from plants, animals, fungi, microbes and humans using an integrated suite of specialized tools. CUGI has one of the largest collections of libraries in the world, is one of few centers/institutes/companies performing HICF physical mapping. CUGI has developed open-source software, Tripal, a GMOD tool.

We work with our collaborators and clients as follows:
*    CUGI provides intellectual contribution as PI, Co-PI, Senior Staff or Key Personnel on research grants.
*    CUGI provides genomic and Bioinformatics services provided through consultation and formal service agreements
*    CUGI allows customers to order services and products online including all forms of library production, clones, filters, whole libraries, as well as DNA sequencing and fingerprinting. CUGI specializes in virtually any project size from sample input to interpretative analysis.


Available to any investigator/researcher.