Human Research

Research Laboratory & Biorepository at the SCTR Research Nexus


Dr. Patrick Flume

Research Laboratories Manager:

Amy Gandy, MS

Research Lab Contact:

843-792-3265 or 843-792-3897

Biorepository Contact:



MUSC, Clinical Sciences Building, 2nd Floor, SCTR Research Nexus



The SCTR Research Nexus Laboratory processes biological specimens, provides nucleic acid extraction services, offers a variety of ELISA protocols and has the ability to develop and customize protocols to fit individual investigator needs. 

The Biorepository processes and stores biological specimens collected by investigators under IRB-approved protocols. Samples can be retrieved for research purposes for IRB-approved studies. Sample types available include: plasma, DNA and urine. 

Facilities & Equipment

The laboratories include nine benches of laboratory working space, a biological safety cabinet, two -20°C freezers and seven -80°C freezers. All critical temperature-controlled equipment is continuously monitored by an automated temperature monitoring system. 


Research Laboratory & Biorepository services are available to anyone. Services requests should be sent online through the SCTR SUCCESS Center service request system.

All publications/projects utilizing SCTR Institute services are required to credit the CTSA grant.
The Grant Citation Language is:  "This publication [or project] was supported by the South Carolina Clinical & Translational Research (SCTR) Institute, with an academic home at the Medical University of South Carolina, NIH/NCATS Grant number UL1 TR000062."