Human Research

 Research Coordination & Management at the SCTR Research Nexus


Dr. Patrick Flume


Clare Tyson, MA


 MUSC, Clinical Sciences Building, 2nd Floor, SCTR Research Nexus



The SCTR Research Nexus provides a wide range of research coordination and management services for MUSC investigators. The research coordinator staff includes experienced, trained and VA-credentialed personnel, as well as licensed nurse coordinators. For investigators seeking assistance with management of multi-site trials or day-to-day oversight of research programs, project management services are available. 


* Study Coordination

* Project Coordination

* Regulatory Management

* Data Management

* Study Record & Drug Storage for Active Studies

* Inpatient, Outpatient & Outlying Clinics

* Services Available for Full, Partial, or Gap (fill in) Support of MUSC Researchers

* Experienced Research Coordinators and Nurses


Research Coordination and Management Services are available to anyone. Service requests should be sent online through the SCTR SUCCESS Center service request system.




All publications/projects utilizing SCTR Institute services are required to credit the CTSA grant.
The Grant Citation Language is: "This publication [or project] was supported by the South Carolina Clinical & Translational Research (SCTR) Institute, with an academic home at the Medical University of South Carolina, NIH/NCATS Grant number UL1 TR000062."