Biostats & Epi

Cancer Biostatistics


Elizabeth Garrett-Mayer, PhD
Professor of Public Health Sciences
Phone: 843-792-7764

Location: Hollings Cancer Center, Rm 118G

The mission of the Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR) is to provide outstanding biostatistics leadership and support in a cost-effective manner for the Hollings Cancer Center (HCC) and to act as a hub that facilitates interactions among the various investigators, shared resources, and programs within the HCC.

The purposes of the BSR are to:

  • Provide statistical support to HCC investigators for the design of studies, analysis of data, quality control, manuscript preparation, and development of grant proposals.
  • Adapt, develop and validate novel statistical methodologies to address emerging approaches in ongoing HCC research.
  • Facilitate interactions within the HCC by participating in project development meetings with program leaders and other shared resource directors.
  • Serve on HCC protocol review and monitoring committees to provide critical input into proposed and ongoing internal and external clinical trials.
  • Provide ongoing education in statistical methods and approaches for faculty, fellows, residents and staff of the HCC.