Center for Biomedical Imaging


Joseph A. Helpern, PhD

Truman R. Brown, PhD           
Scientific Director                  

Ann-Marie Broome, PhD
Molecular Imaging Director

U. Joseph Schoepf, MD
Cardiovascular Imaging Director


MUSC - Human Imaging: 30 Bee Street
 MUSC - Preclinical Imaging: Bioengineering Building, 2nd Floor



The Center for Biomedical Imaging (CBI) of the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) provides state-of-the-art imaging resources to support clinical and research activities, provide opportunities to advance the imaging field, disseminate new technologies and approaches to the larger community, and train and mentor young investigators interested in developing and applying biomedical imaging to clinical and research problems. The mission of the CBI is to maximize the impact of imaging at MUSC by providing leadership and infrastructure that enables the university to address local and national priorities and developing regional and national collaborations that strengthen capabilities and enhance the university’s image. The CBI also provides opportunities for basic and clinical scientists to collaborate and discover new ways to study diseases and disease processes, to develop and apply this knowledge to clinically relevant research, and to translate advances to the community. The CBI includes approximately 4500 square feet of space at 30 Bee Street, as well as approximately 9000 square feet in the new Bioengineering Building.

Space at 30 Bee Street is the main facility for human imaging research and houses a Siemens 3T TIM Trio MRI scanner equipped with integrated fMRI paradigm presentation equipment. The scanner operates with a 100% mandate for research use and is covered by a Master Research Agreement with Siemens Medical. The site also contains an image analysis laboratory and bioengineering facility along with subject interview and changing rooms. Researchers also have access to clinical Siemens 1.5T and 3T Verio MR scanners, located within the Radiology Department in the Clinical Sciences Building. CBI space in the Bioengineering Building houses faculty offices, wet and dry labs, classrooms, an auditorium, a Bruker 7T/30 animal MRI system, a bioluminescence imager, and a Siemens micro PET/CT scanner. There is also an animal quarantine room within the imaging center itself dedicated to holding animals that have been imaged. 


Open to all investigators.