Molecular Morphology & Imaging


Dr. Thomas Trusk - (843) 792-3756

Dr. Andy Wessels, Co-Director (Histology) - (843) 792-2316


MUSC - Basic Science Building, Rooms 643, 644, & 649



The Morphology, Imaging and Instrumentation Core (B) is to provide space, facilities, supervision, and training for COBRE investigators who use imaging technology to answer specific aims proposed in individual projects. In addition, Core B provides investigators with skilled personnel able to perform highly specialized techniques, such as echocardiography, in situ hybridization, and cell kinetics assays. Specific aims are: (a) to maintain the resources for safe and effective use by properly trained research personnel; (b) to assist the research projects perform state-of-the-art image and data analyses; (c) to help design and perform in situ hybridization analyses; and (d) to implement and maintain an online database of the data generated in this project. Project investigators have access to core facilities to run their own experiments and are assisted by core staff concerning experimental design, data interpretation and technical information to best utilize facilities and instrumentation. This Core will be assisted by a consortium agreement with the Instrumentation Resource Facility at the University of South Carolina at Columbia, SC directed by Dr. Robert Price. That facility will provide COBRE participants with unique services such as electron microscopy and laser capture, and will provide microscopy and imaging resources to past COBRE graduates, new pilot projects to be developed, and any targeted COBRE investigators that would be added in downstream years. The services of Core B fall into eight basic components: (1) basic microscopy (light, electron, and video); (2) confocal microscopy; (3) echocardiography; (4) histology (in situ hybridization, and immunohistology); (5) special techniques (laser capture; apoptosis and proliferation assays; optical mapping); (6) morphology, image analysis and statistics; (7) presentation graphics; and (8) data sharing technology


Primary users are research labs providing funds to maintain the equipment, members of the Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Biology at MUSC, and participants in the SC COBRE for Cardiovascular Disease. Others may inquire about service on a fee basis.