Cellular / Tissue

Monoclonal Antibody Facility


Dr. Gary Gilkeson


Lab: 843-789-6791
Office: 843-789-6796
Fax: 843-876-5131


MUSC - Strom Thurmond Medical Research Building, Room 422




The MUSC Monoclonal Antibody Production Facility provides monoclonal antibodies to proteins or peptides.  Depending on the desire of the requester, the sera, cell line, cell culture supernatants, ascites, purified immunoglobulins or all of the above are provided.  Monoclonal antibodies are derived from mice immunized with a particular immunogen or derived from autoimmune mice spontaneously producing antibodies to the antigen of interest.  In specific instances of a polyclonal antibody that has been difficult to derive, the facility will aid in this process.  Technical assistance in selecting the antigen for injection is also offered. The monoclonal facility is also providing mouse and human mesenchymal stem cells derived from bone marrow or human placenta. The monoclonal facility can also provide mouse or human mesenchymal stem cells either from our own stock cultures or from a specific person or mouse strain if so desired. 

The Antibody Facility at the Medical University of South Carolina is committed to efficient delivery of antibody services to both the MUSC and at-large scientific communities. We offer services related to the production of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from protein purification and hapten conjugation to antibody purification. It is our goal to provide superior service to biological researchers at a reasonable price.


Services are available to all researchers.  Non MUSC users have included NIH & Harvard.