Cellular / Tissue

Cell & Molecular Engineering


Dr. Rick Visconti
E-mail: visconrp@musc.edu






The Cell and Molecular Engineering Core at MUSC provides resources and expertise for project investigators, enabling them to extend their research efforts in tissue bioengineering and permitting them to participate in an emerging field that is likely to change the way regenerative medicine research is practiced in the future.

Dr. Visconti is the director of this core. He is well trained in stem cell technology by a world leader in stem cell biology, Dr. Makio Ogawa. Dr. Kern is responsible for the “molecular toolkit," which includes the ability to create gene silencing vectors and to analyze gene and protein expression including preparation of polyclonal antibodies. Dr. Hoffman is the Co-Director of the core responsible for antibody production and proteomics. He has extensive experience in these areas. In particular, he has prepared dozens of antibodies in his career, many of these as part of collaborations for which he was recruited due to his expertise and his reputation for producing strong, well-validated antibodies in large quantity. Dr. Shibnath Ghatak, an expert in preparing viral vectors to deliver genes or shRNA, has 12 years of experience in developing culture cell lines or primary cultures. He extended his vector technology to include nanotechnological approaches for delivering hairpin RNA or full-length cDNAs. Dr. Ghatak will also contribute to the molecular core by adding expertise in signaling transduction.

Through this core, researchers have access to hands-on training and tutorials in procedures to isolate, clone, store, and culture primary cells and established cell lines.


This core is accessible to all researchers.