Drug Discovery

Drug Metabolism and Clinical Pharmocology


Danyelle Townsend, PhD
Assistant Professor of Drug Discovery & Biomedical Sciences
Phone: 843-876-2391
E-mail: townsed@musc.edu

Location: Drug Discovery Building 412


The Drug Metabolism & Clinical Pharmacology Shared Resource is equipped with the latest instrumentation and software necessary to support collaborative interactions between basic scientists and clinicians in the preclinical and clinical (Phase I and II) investigation of new drugs. The core offers broad, comprehensive pharmacology support in the areas of sample handling, pharmacokinetics, drug-drug interaction, pharmacodynamics, metabolite identification and human safety pharmacology.


The Drug Metabolism & Clinical Pharmacology Shared Resource offers the following services:

  • Preclinical / clinical trial design and analysis
  • Drug Metabolite identification: (in vivo, in vitro and ex vivo)
  • Quantify drug levels in serum/plasma, tissue or cell/media
  • Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies
  • Evaluation of human safety pharmacology using normal target cells from dose-limiting tissues, including hepato-, nephro- and myelo- toxicity
  • Education and training




Contact us anytime and can run samples with 24h notice prior.