Drug Discovery



Dr. Thomas Morinelli

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 MUSC Strom Thurmond Building, Room 519


The FLIPRtetra was purchased through a shared instrumentation award obtained from NIH under the American recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  

The FLIPRTETRA® system from Molecular Devices is an industry-renowned instrument for monitoring GPCRs and ion channels. The system provides a reliable and flexible highthroughput screening solution for identifying early leads in the drug discovery process.

FLIPRTETRA is optimized for use with both fluorescent and luminescent assays, including aequorin and Molecular Devices’ no-wash FLIPR® calcium and ion channel assays.  For more detail about the instrument and its capabilities, click here.


The instrument is available for use to all, however preference is given to NIH funded MUSC investigators and users have to provide theit own supplies. For further information regarding training/operation or reservations, contact Dr. Tom Morinelli.

To request use of the FLIPR tetra Resource Facility, use the Online Registration Form.