Analytical Research

 shRNA Shared Resource

David P. Turner, PhD



Short hairpin RNA’s (shRNAs) can efficiently suppress gene expression in human cells. The shRNA Shared Technology Resource will provide investigators at MUSC access to genome wide human and mouse libraries that together encode a total of almost 160,000 shRNA clones against over 41,000 genes. The resource utilizes The RNAi Consortium’s (TRC) genome-wide lentiviral mouse and human libraries and investigators will have the option of ordering shRNA’s targeting single or multiple genes, gene family sets as well as pathway specific pooled libraries. The library will allow access to multiple shRNAs for a single gene which is important for validation against off target effects. This technology holds tremendous power, and is ready to help investigators at MUSC work toward breakthrough discoveries. 

The resource is housed in the Bioengineering Building (BE422) within the James E. Clyburn Research Center on Jonathan Lucas Street.