Specialized Research

 Center for Oral Health Research L-COHR


Dr. Courtney J. Haycraft

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MUSC, Basic Science Building (BSB 129)




The Laboratory-based Core (L-COHR) within the Center for Oral Health Research is dedicated to providing MUSC researchers with the equipment, techniques, and technical expertise necessary to study oral health and disease.  L-COHR services are available to researchers investigating mineralized tissue biology and function at MUSC and other institutions. The Core is equipped with state of the art equipment and experienced staff to assist both new and experienced researchers.

Services available include: ex vivo microCT imaging and analysis using a Scanco uCT40 scanner and software; digital imaging/slide scanning and pathological scoring using automated software; brightfield and fluorescent imaging; plastic and ground sections of mineralized tissues; NanoString nCounter Analysis system; Arcturus XT Laser-capture microdissection system; and complete histological preparation and staining including immunohistochemistry..

L-COHR offers a murine oral cancer tissue microarray (total 54 samples on one array), which includes 18 samples of invasive squamous cell carcinoma, 24 samples of epithelial hyperplasia and dysplasia lesions, and 12 control samples. The Core also offers limited frozen tissues from the array tissues for analysis of RNA or protein levels of target genes for oral and esophageal cancer.


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