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 Welcome to the Research Toolkit!


The SCTR SUCCESS Center, in collaboration with the Office of the Associate Provost for Research, has developed an online guide, the “Research Toolkit,” to assist MUSC research personnel in navigating the research enterprise. The Toolkit addresses the steps involved with submitting, conducting, closing and disseminating results of a research study, and includes links to institutional, state, and federal resources and regulations.


The tabs at the top of the Toolkit are steps in the research process, choose your step by clicking on it.  Then select any tab on the left these topics have more specific content related to the step you selected.  Each of those selections contains guidance and links to offices, departments, agencies, documents, and tools related to the research process.  As research processes and documents change or as more useful tools and resources become available, we will update the Toolkit, so visit regularly as you conduct your research.  If you have suggestions for additional information or tools that could be included in the Toolkit or if you have any questions, use the "Questions" option at the top of the Toolkit or contact the SUCCESS Center @ (843)792-8300 or

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